storms in arlington, txOn April 3rd, 2012 in Arlington, TX a severe storm has come through tearing off roofs, tossing trucks and destroying property.  The mayor of Arlington, TX “Robert Cluck” declared a state of disaster for the city.  Local news in the Dallas/Fort Worth area has been showing photos of overturned trucks and buildings with their entire roofs destroyed.

Arlington, TX Roofing Companies

The good news for the Arlington, TX and DFW is that most of the damage seems to be limited to property as there is no information right now about fatalities.  The storm seems to have caused significant damage to the area around Arlington and Lancaster Texas.  If you are in the area near Arlington, TX and have damage to your roof, you will want to call a Arlington, TX roofing company or one from the DFW area.

Coker Roofing Is Ready To Help You Repair or Replace Your Roof

If you have roof damage and need your roof repaired or replaced you can call us and we will help you with the claims process with your insurance company.  The first step is to call us and we will send a team out to your location to document the damage and assist you with the filing of your claim.  With the recent storm and widespread damage it could get very busy for roofing companies.  Coker Roofing ™ is a local DFW based roofing company and we are currently in neighborhoods in Arlington, TX surveying damage.

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arlington, tx storm damage

Photo Credit AP/SL Arlington, TX

Our parent company Coker Floors has been in business for 60+ years servicing home owners and businesses right here in the metroplex.  We understand how devastated you must feel being faced with damage to your home from the storm.  The important thing to do is to count your blessings and know that we can help you to repair the damage.

The storm in Arlington, TX had high winds, hail and tornado activity.  If you live in Arlington, TX and need a roofing company to assist you with getting your roof replaced or repaired, call the professionals at Coker Roofing.

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