2014-02-26 11.03.49If you are a homeowner in the Dallas area, Coker Roofing offers many types of roofing systems.  There are many types of roof systems but some of the main types are low slope roofing and steep slope roofing.  There are many styles of roofs as well to include bonnet, flat, arched, mansard and many others.

There are many considerations when choosing your new roof beyond design.  The types of materials that you choose can vary the life of your roof between 15 to 25 years or a metal roof can last between 50-75 years depending on conditions.

In addition to the types of roofing systems there is a wide range of materials that can be used to include metal, wood shingle, shake, slate, asphalt shingle, slate, ceramic tile, copper, stone-coated metal and concrete.  Whatever type of roof that you decide on, realize that Coker Roofing will go to work for you to get you the best possible price, materials and results.

Our trained insurance adjusters understand how the process works and we provide ethical proven business practices to get you what you deserve.  The key is the way we document the damage and this is an  area where the professionals at Coker Roofing ™ really excel.

We can help you to pick the best possible materials and roofing designs for your home or business.  The professionals at Coker Roofing spend a lot time with training and learning about the latest materials and roofing manufactures.  Your safety, peace of mind and desire to have a great looking home or business are extremely important to us!

Low Slope Roofing System

  • Membrane
  • Metal Panel
  • Polymer
  • Single-Ply

Steep Slope Roofing System

  • Clay Tile
  • Concrete
  • Slate
  • Metal
  • Wood Shakes
  • Asphalt

Let one of our professional contractors come to your home or business for a free estimate.  We can show you new innovative roofing designs and materials that are sure to please.  Coker Roofing has an excellent reputation in the DFW area.  Contact us today for a free estimate at 1-800-425-0750


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